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· November 17, 2015
  All-New Limited-Availability Offer on the Modbook Pro

· April 14, 2015
  Modbook Store Online Promotions: Modbook Pro, Mobile Storage Solutions


· November 26, 2014
  Modbook Pro 2014 Holiday Special Offer

· September 16, 2014
· July 30, 2014


· November 15, 2013
  Modbook Pro to Be Showcased at CTNX 2013 in Burbank

· October 24, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Unveils Updated Modbook Pro Lineup

· October 22, 2013

· October 4, 2013
  Modbook Pro Appearing at Alternative Press Expo 2013 in San Francisco

· September 25, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Offers New Modbook Pro Financing Options

· September 5, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. to Open Los Angeles Showroom for Modbook Pro

· August 9, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Introduces Risk-Free Modbook Pro Purchasing

· March 18, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Availability Expands Globally

· February 27, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  United Kingdom, Ireland Get the Modbook Pro

· February 13, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Coming to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

· January 15, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Now Available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand


· November 8, 2012

· October 3, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Orders Begin Today

· September 28, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro to Launch with All Solid-State Architecture

· June 28, 2012

· March 13, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Completes Startup Financing

· March 11, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Announces Licensing Agreement

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Modbook Inc. is not affiliated with, nor are the Modbook Pro and Modbook Pro X sponsored or endorsed by, Apple Inc.
The Modbook Pro and Modbook Pro X are enclosure conversion kits that transform an original Apple MacBook Pro notebook-style computer into a tablet-style computer. Apple Inc.'s warranty on the MacBook Pro base system is voided by the conversion and replaced with the Modbook Protection Plan, which covers the entire hardware solution, including the base system.